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Starter Distillate offerings from Jeneil Biotech:

Product Range includes:

  • Water-soluble versions conforming to CFR standards:

          1X, 15X, 30X Strengths

  • Blends that are application specific
  • Starter Distillate alternatives

Starter Distillates, are derived from selective lactic culture fermentation of milk and further purified by steam distillation.  These Liquid Butter Flavors have a standard of identity as described in the food additive regulations of 21 CFR 184.1848.  They are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients and can be labeled as “natural flavors”. They are also Certified Kosher Dairy (O.U.D.).

Each of our products is standardized to contain a specific level of natural diacetyl and acetoin, both of which are derived strictly through fermentation of milk. 


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