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The NaturSoy product line offers the following benefits to manufacturers of soy-beverages and soy-foods:

  • 100% natural powders made from non-GM soybeans.
  • Organic and Kosher Certifications available.
  • Patent protected ingredients and processing technology for Jeneil customers.
  • Fast production process for on-demand production schedules.
  • Processing system is easily adapted to existing dairy plants.
  • Consistent quality finished products.
  • Zero Waste - eliminate the disposal problems from traditional systems.
  • Lowest-cost manufacturing process for better margins.


Jeneil utilizes its expertise in the area of dairy flavors and dairy processing and applies this knowledge to the development of superior tasting soy-beverages and soy-foods.

Our product development objective is to offer manufacturers the opportunity to produce finished products that emulate conventional dairy and food products in every aspect including taste, mouthfeel and functionality - without the use of dairy ingredients.

Particular emphasis is placed upon:

  • Application of dairy processing know-how to soy-proteins for the manufacture of superior soy-beverages and soy-foods.
  • Reducing overall production costs to increase customer savings.

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