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Fermentation Technology. Naturally.

Jeneil’s core competency and proficient product development is driven by biotechnological innovation supported by natural fermentation. Jeneil Biotech, Inc. offers unparalleled specialization of natural processes to create several value-added products including natural dairy flavors, dairy-type flavors for plant-based foods, natural flavor molecules, probiotics and cultures, and fermentation-derived bioproducts, such as biosurfactants and their derivatives. Research and development is driven by over 15 microbiologists and food scientists with Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees. Our production plants are vertically integrated to deliver products with consistent quality, flavor, texture, and functionality. Substantial warehousing capacity supports on-time deliveries and reduced lead-time for superior customer service.

Our History

Jeneil Biotech, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. N. R. Gandhi and Josephine N. Gandhi, and was named after their two children: Jennifer and Neil. Dr. N. R. Gandhi (1945 – 2018) was an internationally recognized expert in microbiology and dairy processes, serving over 89 cheese companies in twelve different countries. Dating back to the 1970’s, Dr. Gandhi was considered the pioneer of Enzyme Modified Cheese, participating with the FDA to aptly discuss its composition, define its applications in the industry, and to choose a suitable name for this novel ingredient. To continue the legacy that Dr. N. R. Gandhi began, his wife, Josephine N. Gandhi is the CEO, and son, Dr. Neil N. Gandhi is President. Dr. Neil N. Gandhi uses his background in fermentation technology to contribute additional specialization and product development. Jeneil is still privately held, family owned, and has been supported by a core team of employees for over 30 years.

Company Philosophy

Meeting our customers' needs is a fundamental priority. Our philosophy of directly interacting with customers allows us to remain dedicated to providing cost reduction through continuous improvements and integrated technologies while consistently manufacturing the highest-quality products with exceptional value to meet our customers’ evolving requirements.

Creating a better environment is a central belief at Jeneil Biotech. We are committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients for all our processes, and we recognize that manufacturing safe, environmentally friendly, high-quality products is paramount. At Jeneil, we believe that our success is derived from our innovation, flexibility, cost effectiveness, clean labelling, and excellent customer service in every facet of our product categories.

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