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Jeneil Biotech creates, manufactures, and supplies a variety of natural cream, butter, and cultured dairy flavors, including natural starter distillate, using fermentation, enzymes, cultures, and natural flavor technologies. These flavors can be used to enhance, extend, or fully replace dairy components in a vast array of formulations, resulting in reduced material costs and unique products for the marketplace. Jeneil’s extensive flavor library contains products targeted to a wide variety of applications including sauces, dips, soups, salad dressings, baked goods, processed cheeses, confections, beverages, snacks, and niche reduced-sodium or nutritional products. We offer several butter, cream, and cultured dairy flavors to best suit our customers' needs:


We offer several butter, cream, and cultured dairy flavors to best suit our customers' needs:

  • Natural Buttermilk Flavors
  • Natural Butter Flavors
  • Natural Cream Flavors
  • Natural Dairy Flavors
  • Natural Sour Cream Flavors
  • Natural Yogurt Flavors
  • Natural Starter Distillate

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