Continual Innovation

New technologies are continually being developed to meet the niche requirements of our customers and to address popular trends in the industry. Specialty products are designed to solve current challenges in the industry including clean-label, sodium reduction, fat reduction, non-GMO composition, and Partially Hydrogenated Oil (PHO)-replacement. Jeneil Biotech’s custom products can help streamline inventory management, simplify production processes, and optimize ingredient costs. Contact us to explore solutions and to answer your manufacturing and logistics needs.

specialty cheese

Jeneil Biotech’s specialty dairy items include:

  • Alfredo Sauce Concentrate
  • Macaroni & Cheese Sauce Concentrate
  • Blue Cheese Chunks (Pasteurized Process Cheese)
  • Functional Dairy Powders
  • Heat-Resistant Butter Flavors
  • Heat-Resistant Cheese Flavors
  • Certified Products (Kosher, Halal, EU and US Natural, Organic)
  • Cheese Concentrates
  • Natural Smear-Ripened Cheese
  • Private Label Blending
  • Contract Manufacturing

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