Our History

A family-owned business

Dr. N. R. Gandhi was a pioneer in commercializing Enzyme Modified Cheese Technology and was responsible for defining it’s use in the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations


Dr. Gandhi (1945-2018) created a dairy legacy. He began his career consulting for 89 dairy companies across 12 countries and authored 9 patents on related subjects.


Dr. N. R. Gandhi and his wife, Mrs. Josephine Gandhi founded Auro Tech, Inc. to manufacture and market Natural Dairy Flavors, Bacterial Cultures, and Natural Flavor Molecules. The Company was acquired by International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. in 1992.


Jeneil Biotech, Inc. was founded in Wisconsin, U.S.


Jeneil was assigned the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Jeneil Bioproducts, GmbH. was founded in Schechen, Germany.


Continued investment in expanding manufacturing capabilities of Jeneil.


Jeneil remains privately held and family-owned with its second-generation of leadership.

Top-Of-The-Line Flavors Created By Scientific Experts

Research and development are driven by trained microbiologists and food scientists with Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees
Scientist examining samples in lab coat and goggles.Scientist examining samples in lab coat and goggles.

Get To Know Jeneil Biotech

Two facilities side by side.Two facilities side by side.

Our Facilities

  • Food License, Dairy License, SQF, Minority Certified
  • Industrial Manufacturing Capacity 
  • On-site Warehousing  
  • On-Time Delivery And Reduced Lead-Time 

Our Values


We are independently operated and committed to serving our clients and their industries


We earn your trust through responsible actions and transparency

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We innovate boldly

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

We create natural products by pursuing empirical truths


We treat our social and physical environments with dignity and professionalism


We take responsibility for our words and actions

Partnerships & Certifications

Kosher Certifiable
Halal Certifiable
Organic Certifiable
EU Certifiable
Non-GMO Certifiable
SQF Certified
rBST Free