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Hands held together in unity.Hands held together in unity.

2030 Sustainability Goals

Unique core technology enables sustainable production and guarantees greater impact.
Decrease Water Intensity By
Decrease Waste Output By
Increase Renewable Energy Use

Sustainable Products

Created Using Biotechnology

Biotechnology harnesses the natural world using microorganisms and enzymes, providing environmental and economic benefits for a wide range of applications.

Sustainable Products

Created Based on Biotechnology

Jeneil’s core competencies supply novel and sustainable products to several industries. The innovative bioprocesses can substitute complex chemical reactions to produce products with significant energy and water savings.
Conventional Methods
  • Non-renewable raw materials
  • Use of materials with limited biodegradability
  • Use of hazardous Chemical reactions
  • Negative environmental and energy impact
  • Energy intensive processes
White Biotechnology
  • Sustainable and renewable raw materials
  • Natural processes
  • Positive environmental and impact
  • Biodegradable products

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